Advanced Geospatial Solutions

A history of innovative solutions

Image Matters principals are responsible for many significant geospatial technology advances, including: the first open source GIS, first spatially-enabled database, first geospatial service, and first Cloud-enabled geospatial SaaS/PaaS platform. Image Matters led the development of the first Geospatial Enterprise Architecture, which evolved into the first Geospatial Profile of the Federal Enterprise Architecture. Image Matters staff also led or made significant contributions to geospatial modeling efforts including GML, NIEM, SDSFIE, GeoPackage, and most recently Geospatial-Temporal Ontology for OGC. Image Matters is the lead technical support contractor for the National Geospatial Platform Initiative.

Empowering users through the National Geospatial Platform

The National Geospatial Platform Initiative seeks to provide a one-stop, integrated PLATFORM for shared, trusted, high-quality national geospatial resources. Federal, state, local, tribal and public users will use the PLATFORM to find the latest National Geospatial Data Assets, employ PLATFORM services to visualize, analyze, publish and share information, and integrate PLATFORM service and data assets directly into their applications. The federal geospatial community will utilize a new generation of portfolio and performance monitoring, management, and reporting services to more efficiently and effectively manage and evolve their assets.

Image Matters is employing its Fast-Track AgileEE tools and processes to accelerate progress towards this key national capability. Image Matters supports the full system lifecycle, including strategic and technology planning and analysis, system engineering, architecture, design, development, testing, security, operations, maintenance, and performance.

Products that change your view of the world

Our innovations are best represented in our products. Whether a client is using FactWeave® to find information “needles” in a vast information “haystack”, or our latest generation of SaaS/PaaS for obtaining just the right context-sensitive information for the task at hand, or our unique knowledge-as-a-service platform (knowledgeSmarts®) for performing Cloud-based multi-modal analytics and reasoning about select resources, the client can rest assured that they are using effective cutting-edge technology. With our focus on innovation and excellence, we are constantly inventing new techniques and methods, and pushing the state-of-the-art. The key benefits of Image Matters’ products are:

  • Reduced lifecycle costs
  • Greatly enhanced user productivity and decision-making
  • A platform that will adapt and scale as new requirements and technology arise
  • Robust, state-of-the-art Cloud solution

Featured Project: Image Matters and US Geological Survey (USGS) help users map biodiversity

Image Matters has worked with USGS on several initiatives, including the development of the Biodiversity Information Serving Our Nation (BISON) system, a highly scalable portal for unified data discovery, linkage and re-use of species observation reports from over 300 disparate sources across the U.S. This Web-based federal resource makes more than 100 million records of nationwide biodiversity information searchable by any user. BISON allows land managers, researchers, refuge managers, citizen scientists, agriculture professionals, fishery managers, water resource managers, educators and other users to:

  • Employ faceted search to pinpoint specific species records; Refine search results by year, data provider, named geographic location, or draw a free-form polygon to view the events within your own area-of-interest
  • View all observation reports at the same time, or drill-down to specific species and/or observation types
  • Use a first-of-its kind, hyper-efficient OGC Web Mapping Service (WMS) that allows users to dynamically zoom-in and click-to-view details on any one of over 100-million geospatially distinct observation reports in near real-time
  • View a variety of open map layers to enhance viewing, (e.g., satellite imagery, census data, climate, terrain)


Achievements of note

Image Matters principals and staff were lead architects and/or lead developers of:

  • First operational GIS, the Wetlands Analytical Mapping System for USFWS
  • GRASS open source GIS
  • RemoteView Geospatial Data Exploitation product
  • Co-founder of OGC
  • NGA’s “Big Idea Project”, NGA’s first service-oriented architecture
  • First geospatial-semantic-mobile services platform; use of ontology in formal services platform and framework
  • First Geospatial Interoperability Framework (GIF), for FEMA MapMOD Program
  • GeoEye’s first SaaS/PaaS platform (EyeQ) for imagery dissemination and on-demand services
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