Semantic-AI Solutions

Delivering “intelligent” Context-Sensitive Services®

Image Matters is at the forefront of applying linked data (knowledge graphs) during digital modernization

Adding semantics to enhance interoperability and user experience

Interoperability remains a difficult challenge for all enterprises. Image Matters is a leader in interoperability solutions. We have long understood the role of semantics as the “last rung in the interoperability ladder.” Formal semantics are required for machines to reason about data. Semantics also ensure that service protocols are machine-understandable. Semantics reduce the cognitive load on users by assisting them with more “intelligent” machine-reasoning services. Based upon more than a decade of research with DARPA and other leading researchers, Image Matters created the first authentic Knowledge-as-a-Service platform, knowledgeSmarts®, which performs multi-modal analytics and reasoning on disparate, semantically-mediated data sources via smartLens® services, producing structured Knowledge-on-Demand. The latest generation of this pioneering work is embodied in our new Grit product.

The next generation of geo-semantic services will overcome present challenges users face in making sense of complex activities and situations

Robust geospatial and semantic models are required in next-generation AI-enabled systems. This is key to achieving greater automation and machine-understanding. Image Matters is the leader in geo-semantic services. We have been working on the challenge of semantically-enabling geospatial data and services since our inception. This work started with our founding partners who are experts in this domain, and leads to our flagship FactWeave® product that assists analysts with complex structured analysis tasks on the global threat front.

Whether pioneering new techniques for explainable AI, building synergistic human-machine workflows, leading the attack on establishing new modeling and interoperability specifications, or conducting innovative R&D to seamlessly merge the world of data with the world of machine-encoded knowledge...

Image Matters can be found at the cutting edge.