Innovative Solutions

When location, time, and mission context matter

There is one word that best describes the solutions provided by Image Matters…innovation. We emphasize innovation and technical excellence in all of our approaches and offerings. We are best known for our pioneering R&D and problem-solving skills, with an outstanding staff to thank. Image Matters has assembled an impressive team of experts in Web, geospatial, Semantic-AI, analytics, and Cloud technology and applications. Our analysts, engineers, and scientists are well-qualified to tackle some of the most daunting problems facing users of information technology, such as information overload, fusion, and machine-understanding, in a world of vast volumes of inconsistent, disparate, and non-integrated information resources.

Image Matters is at the forefront of standards and interoperability

Pressed by the need for greater unification and seamless interoperations, interoperability continues to be a major challenge for most enterprises. IT leadership constantly seeks better solutions to tackle the “final interoperability mile”. With the rapid pace of changes in sources and methods, fast-evolving data processing technology, and agile development dominating the landscape, emerging solutions often fall short of meeting enterprise interoperability and e-Governance objectives. Interoperability is both an art and a science. Expert skills, discipline, and extensive experience are required to get it right, and to have it achieved consistently across the enterprise.

Our Solutions

Enterprise Modernization Solutions

The modern enterprise faces daunting challenges with the integration of isolated stovepipe systems and databases; increasing data volumes and variety; tedious, user-intensive data processing tools and procedures; and complex security threats. Enterprises need greater automation and more cost-effective, incremental solution approaches that co-exist with legacy systems, while advancing new shared capabilities that have high returns on investment. Image Matters takes these challenges head-on, specializing in applying and advancing the state of the art in adaptive, interoperable Cloud-based service solutions. Image Matters is particularly strong in building secure linked data solutions for sharing resources, digital asset inventories, unified search, portfolio management, business intelligence, big data fusion and analytics.

Advanced Geospatial Solutions

Location matters to everyone. The modern-day enterprise needs location-on-demand. Better geospatial solutions are needed for complex applications like facility and asset inventory and management; environmental and health-related monitoring and analysis; land and resource development and management; defense and intelligence; and more. These solutions demand modern geospatial service platforms and cutting-edge geospatial data science. Image Matters is an industry-leading developer of advanced geospatial service platforms, supporting defense, intelligence, civil government, and commercial clients. Underlying our substantial experience building geospatial solutions, along with our impressive array of geospatial technology innovations, is our in-depth expertise in systems and software engineering, data modeling, analytics, and visualization.

Semantic-AI Solutions

All enterprises are challenged by increasing data volumes, variety, velocity, and complexity, and uncertain data veracity. This makes it increasingly harder for users to find and make sense of the precise information needed for tasks at hand. Greater automation and machine-assistance is needed to offload the data burden from users to machines. Through the advancement of autonomous methods, Image Matters is helping to usher in the next generation of artificial intelligence, Semantic-AI, where machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing and understanding techniques benefit from explicit, formal semantics. Image Matters specializes in knowledge-enabling the enterprise by building and exploiting semantically-grounded knowledge graphs through Semantic-AI services and synergistic human-machine techniques.

Big Data Fusion & Analytics Solutions

The market-at-large faces daunting challenges in trying to fuse, analyze, and make sense of disparate data contained in scattered stovepipes. Most existing data models tend to be limited in scope, never having been designed in the first place for widespread data sharing and machine-understanding. Data are often undocumented, unverified, incomplete, contain bias, lack sufficient standards, and/or have unknown provenance. Present “data federation” and Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) tools and procedures fail to bridge these capability gaps, falling short of achieving much-needed semantic coherence. Image Matters specializes in developing tools and procedures that add semantic integrity to data integration and analysis. Our analyst-centered tools benefit from a tight synergy between human and machine, where machines tackle complex data manipulation, fusion, and analytic tasks, and analysts focus on results validation and curation tasks.

Collaboration is key to achieving successful standards

Image Matters understands the importance of using well-vetted standards to achieve interoperability. We don’t just use the specifications developed by others…we are specification development experts. Modern specifications must be updated as technology advances. Image Matters plays an active role in the standards community. Our Managing Partner, Kurt Buehler, co-founded a prominent international standards organization in 1994, Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Working closely with OGC, Image Matters honed its specification development skills by completing 77 engineering task orders. This extensive expertise is reflected in our standards-based service platforms, which benefit from enhanced openness, adaptability, extensibility, componentization, distributed processing and platform independence. We have further sharpened our specification skills by developing data and service specifications for DoD, DoI, USACE, FGDC, and others. Image Matters has innovated in the development of next-generation “declarative specifications” for model-driven architectures, which are crucial to next-generation machine understanding. Standards must be kept aligned with emerging new technologies and approaches.

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