Provides immersive virtual experiences with curated mixed reality content about sites of interest – via a mobile application

What is eXperience Reality?

Tools to expertly-curate mixed reality experiences available for virtual use at a users’ pace, convenience, and desired level of detail. Mobile users experience a site as never before with detailed information as seen through the eyes of experts.

Curating Content

No one can tell a story about a site of interest better than an expert. Scientists, teachers, historians, naturalists and many others have a lot to say to pique public interest about a location. As they say, “Content is King”, and Image Matters has taken that idea to heart with eXperience Reality.

Mobile users

People on the go need good, reliable information from experts. eXperience Reality puts experts at hand through rich, immersive mixed reality experiences to reveal hidden facts about locations of interest. People are better informed and walk away with a deeper understanding.


eXperience Reality gives organizations a powerful tool to curate information for immersive field experiences for their staff and their customers.


Search for, navigate to, and immerse yourself into a site

Expert Curation

Immersive Mixed Reality

Enabling immersive experiences in the field

eXperience Reality is a Cloud-native application with high availability, accessibility, performance, and reliability for users to be guided by high-value, expert-generated, location-based content. It is built upon robust, flexible web standards.
Experience Reality® or eXperience Reality® is a registered trademark owned by Image Matters LLC (2018). Any unauthorized use is expressly prohibited. XR™ is an unregistered trademark of Image Matters LLC (2017) and may appear alongside eXperience Reality® in applications and literature, e.g., XR-Tours™.