FactWeave® uniquely addresses the big data challenge by introducing an intelligent “knowledge layer” that enhances analyst productivity


What is FactWeave®?

The FactWeave® product family provides a suite of tools for processing, analyzing, and publishing Object-Based Intelligence (OBI) and Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI). FactWeave eases the burden on analysts as they compile and analyze multi-source information, employing artificial intelligence (AI) and automation techniques to enhance analyst productivity. This gives analysts more time to spend on fruitful analysis tasks that address key intelligence questions and priorities. FactWeave addresses end-to-end OBI/ABI production, from source processing, to “Fact-weaving”, to fusion and structured analysis, to knowledgebase management and sharing, to intelligence production, to publishing, dissemination, and the use of its structured analytic products.

FactWeave® establishes a foundation of semantic coherence throughout fusion-analytic-awareness processes, which is crucial to automation and machine-reasoning

FactWeave Capabilities

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FactWeave Analyzer

FactWeave Analyzer is a collaborative analysis tool that allows analysts to capture, classify, curate, analyze, exploit, and share collections of structured knowledge (Facts) about any subject of interest. Using Analyzer, analysts can “connect-the-dots”, identify and fill information gaps, and derive insights that facilitate shared understanding of complex intelligence situations, addressing Key Intelligence Questions (KIQs) and Essential Elements of Information (EEI) across multiple data sources. FactWeave Analyzer is the central analyst tool within the FactWeave product family.

FactWeave Analyzer helps analysts find the veritable “needle in the (Big Data) haystack”

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FactWeave Harvester

FactWeave Harvester automatically ingests, processes, and identifies significant information derived from unstructured, semi-structured, and structured multi-INT sources. Harvester incorporates harvesting services that schedule automated search and extraction of web-sourced information. This “incoming intelligence” is organized into candidate knowledge models as Facts, observations, and other forms of information about any object, activity, subject, topic, or situation of interest.

FactWeave Harvester bridges information gaps between big data silos by using semantic services to ground data concepts to universal knowledge concepts

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FactWeave Search

FactWeave Search supports a more intuitive, unified, cross-enterprise search experience for scattered, disparate enterprise resources. It features powerful integrated semantic, geospatial, temporal and lexical search capabilities. FactWeave interprets the meaning of searchable concepts to find better semantically-matched results. FactWeave Search allows users to search for any registered assets/resources using semantic search concepts. Users can “SEARCH THE WAY THEY THINK”, with the most semantically-relevant results always being returned.

FactWeave Search employs semantic logic to infer the haystack (actionable intelligence) from the needles (random Facts)

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FactWeave Integrator

FactWeave Integrator enables rapid, seamless analytic access to a wide variety of contemporary and legacy data sources. FactWeave Integrator utilizes an adaptive, plug-in framework that provides semantic integration, concept bridging, and management services that perform in situ transformation of as-is data sources to semantically-unambiguous Linked Data (structured knowledge).

FactWeave Integrator breaks down the barriers between heterogeneous data stovepipes that were not designed for the unified enterprise

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FactWeave Fusion

FactWeave Fusion implements Image Matters’ unique SmartLens® (a.k.a. Lens). SmartLens is a family of services that leverage multi-modal analytic and reasoning algorithms in order to filter, fuse, and reason about multi-source data, in context with vetted structured knowledge. Lenses find key indicators, complex patterns, trends, or behaviors that are evident from many observations about entities of interest, such as people, places, groups, events, or activities that are derived from many disparate multi-INT data sources.

FactWeave Fusion is a powerful tool for filtering, fusing, and evaluating the contents of the FactWeave Knowledgebase

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FactWeave Elements

FactWeave Elements builds and maintains the knowledge foundations for the FactWeave knowledgebase. It lets users register, search, update, inspect, delete, curate, and manage multiple version-controlled digital assets, models, and vocabularies (i.e., “elements”). This includes ontologies, schema, and controlled vocabularies. Users can perform searches for specific elements, across all registered elements, or within a select search scope.

FactWeave advances the analytic enterprise from human-intensive data-centric operations to more efficient and effective machine-intensive knowledge-centric operations

Build and Exploit a FactWeave Knowledgebase

Distill big data into useful, curated knowledge. Establish a foundation of semantic coherence throughout fusion-analytic-awareness processes. Assist analysts throughout their complex analytic workflows. Reveal and mitigate bias. Cope with uncertainty. Calibrate hypotheses and analytic arguments. Validate and share actionable intelligence.


kNotes (“knowledge notes”) are the structured knowledge building blocks of the FactWeave Knowledgebase. kNotes can be constructed for any subject of interest. kNotes are comprised of a collection of verified Facts, each with supporting or refuting evidence.


kNarratives (“knowledge narratives”) are analyst-crafted intelligence reports that are infused with Fact-based kNotes, SmartMaps, and other structured analysis artifacts. They address Key Intelligence Questions and contain the results of collaboratively-developed analytic arguments. Because they are semantically-grounded by constituent kNotes and Facts, they too benefit from machine reasoning.


SmartLens is a specialized service that combines a wide variety of analytic (computational) and reasoning (logic-based) techniques to filter, interpret, and make sense of the contents of the FactWeave Knowledgebase. SmartLens services readily finds indicators, patterns, trends and behaviors that analysts would ordinarily have a hard time finding.

“There are so many disparate data sources and methods out in the world. Somebody has to piece it together and make sense of it. With FactWeave, we took that to be our mission focus, where the endgame is delivering actionable information forged from a sea of heterogeneous data.”
Harry Niedzwiadek
Image Matters Chairman

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