Big Data Fusion & Analytics Solutions

Delivering AI-enabled fusion and analytics

Reducing the cognitive burden on analysts

Image Matters is helping intelligence analysts achieve a new level of data integration, interoperability, and collaborative analytics. Leveraging our strengths in geospatial-temporal-social data, Semantic-AI, fusion, analytics, cloud, mobile computing, and sensor technologies, Image Matters is pioneering critical advances in next-generation intelligence analysis solutions. Our main focus is to produce tools and procedures that reduce the cognitive load on analysts, while delivering vast improvements in open, interoperable SaaS/PaaS solutions for a wide range of intelligence problems. Our mastery of the underlying service platform technology allows us to more efficiently and effectively address key challenges with distributed heterogeneous data and systems. Our proven AgileEE processes and tools have allowed us to accelerate multi-phase, collaborative R&D efforts through a complex web of changing priorities and technologies.

Ushering in next-generation structured analysis

Image Matters has carefully studied manual structured analysis techniques and analytic tradecraft, analyzed intelligence production bottlenecks, scrutinized intelligence problem complexity, and evaluated new data sources to arrive at our present deep understanding and strategic vision for next-generation structured analysis. Our particular strength has been identifying better ways to reduce the workload on analysts through automation and semi-automation. Our key aim through this multi-phase R&D has been to architect, develop, prototype, refine and thoroughly test and validate an authentic next-generation structured analysis solution. This led to our current flagship product, FactWeave®.  FactWeave provides a powerful set of structured analysis tools and services for performing Object-Based Production (OBP) and Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) analysis. Analysts can harvest intelligence facts from numerous sources, including publicly-available information sources, perform a wide range of fusion and analysis tasks, collaborate with other analysts, and produce structured knowledge output using several unique structured analysis tools.

Achieving unification of the intelligence enterprise

Any enterprise engaged in producing and sharing mission-critical intelligence understands the complexities involved in fusing, analyzing, and sharing actionable intelligence. Whether it is business intelligence, threat intelligence, or environmental intelligence, the same “data problems” arise: data standardization, data harmonization, data integration, data fusion, machine-understanding, and coherent data analysis and situation awareness. The modern intelligence enterprise must come out of its stovepipes to achieve widespread interoperability with vastly improved fusion and analysis capabilities. Image Matters is expert at providing Cloud-based Linked Data Environments that accomplish unification of the intelligence enterprise. We realize this through the use of knowledge graphs and “intelligent” Semantic-AI services.

Leading through innovation and pioneering R&D

Image Matters principals have a proven track-record of building innovative intelligence solutions. Our central R&D goal has been to cross the divide from current human-intensive “data-centric analytics”, which place far too much of the workload on the analyst, to more automated “knowledge-centric analytics.” Image Matters has compiled an impressive array of innovations, including: rapid techniques for intelligence extraction from open sources, multi-modal analytics and reasoning services, knowledge-assisted analysis, data-to-knowledge integration, knowledge modeling for service solutions, advanced knowledge visualization, and structured analysis tools and services.

Key Innovation Milestones

  • Won 2018-20 DoD Rapid Innovation Fund award for AI-enabled Structured Analysis 
  • Won 2016-17 sole source award for Multi-INT Knowledge Graph Pilot
  • Won 2014-15 award for NGA’s Accelerating Map of the World, advancing the role of service-based Linked Data approaches for Object-Based Production
  • Won 2012-13 DoD Rapid Innovation Fund award for Knowledge-enabled Structured Analysis
  • Performed pioneering R&D in integrated geospatial-temporal-social models (knowledge graphs), analytics, and reasoning for DARPA (2008-12)
  • Won NGA’s 2005 Innovations in Geospatial-Intelligence Award for our geospatial-semantic approach to intelligence information triage, visualization, and deep analysis (the last time this award was issued)