Enterprise Modernization Solutions

Delivering continuous modernization with high returns on investment

Working closely with our clients to deliver high quality improvements at a fast pace

Image Matters fosters a spirit of partnership with its clients. As experts in incremental systems improvement, we help clients pinpoint the best investment opportunities, and then deliver enhanced results quickly and more often. We are masters at achieving incremental change through innovation and rigorous, yet cost-effective and agile, development procedures.

The key benefits of Image Matters’ enterprise solutions are:

  • Reduced lifecycle costs
  • Respects legacy investments, while making incremental improvements
  • Greatly enhances user productivity and decision-making
  • An adaptive platform that scales as new requirements and technology arise
  • Features open data and reusable services
  • Adds semantics to enhance interoperability, search, and automation
  • Robust, secure, state-of-the-art cloud solution

Always differentiating through innovation and technical excellence

Our innovations are best represented in our exceptional cloud service solutions. Whether our clients are using FactWeave® to find actionable “needles” in a vast information “haystack”, exploiting RegistryPlus to enhance portfolio management and enterprise search, employing our latest generation of SaaS/PaaS for obtaining just the right context-sensitive business intelligence for the task at hand, or using our unique Semantic-AI based services for performing multi-modal analytics and reasoning, clients can rest assured that they are using proven cutting-edge technology. With a focus on innovation, technical excellence, and pragmatic engineering, we are constantly inventing new techniques and methods, pushing the state of the art.

Unifying the enterprise through a linked data environment

The modern enterprise depends on sound data models and data science, interoperable, cloud-enabled open service frameworks, and greater automation and AI-enablement. Image Matters is expert in all of these areas. Our enterprise solutions improve the sharing of data and service resources, provide robust digital inventories and unified search, enhance portfolio management and awareness, provide “intelligent” business intelligence services, and address challenging big data fusion and analysis tasks. Image Matters specializes in building Linked Data Environments to address these challenges. This is reflected in our latest linked data inventory, integration, and exploitation services provisioned in the cloud under modernization projects for US Army Corps of Engineers and Department of Interior.

Featured Project: Supporting National Geographic Worldwide Services

Project Highlights:

  • Image Matters implemented a critical business intelligence capability to support National Geographic’s worldwide streaming content services
  • Built unique ROI Dashboard for National Geographic to monitor key revenue-impacting performance metrics across its global portfolio of web assets
  • Designed and implemented Web applications for video streaming and secure monitoring of mission-critical web infrastructure
  • Provided operations and maintenance of streaming servers and Content Delivery Network
  • Implemented DevOPS tools and procedures to facilitate configuration management and collaborative development, integration, and testing by onsite and offsite developers

Innovative open service platforms and Cloud solutions

Image Matters has been designing, building, deploying, and supporting open service platforms for two decades, specializing in Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) capabilities. Today, Image Matters continues this leadership by building next-generation machine-understandable Knowledge-as-a-Service (KaaS) platforms for the Cloud. KaaS delivers business intelligence to users in real-time decision-making situations, answering what, where, when, why, and how questions in service to the mission. KaaS is essential to all modern enterprises. Ask us about how to achieve “State C” for your enterprise.