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Defense and Intel

Defense and Intel organizations face constant threats where they need actionable information to readily respond to situations at hand. Their systems need to be secure, adaptive, interoperable, coherent, available, and accessible. They need to quickly retrieve and filter existing relevant information, plus acquire and assimilate new data obtained from multiple sources. As information is fused, users must know where each element originated. These organizations also face the challenge of too much work and too few people. They look to AI to reduce their workloads.

Image Matters employs Semantic-AI to enhance client productivity.

Commercial Web

Commercial enterprises face their own complex issues with extensive data holdings and aging systems, plus fiduciary responsibility and liability concerns. Layered on top of that reality is the complication of interdependency between different organizations and industries. These players must share their information to ensure successful outcomes. Their customers expect real-time answers, so commercial solutions must be flexible and adaptable to the ongoing changes in IT.

Image Matters’ keen understanding of industry standards and advanced technology enables us to develop adaptive, interoperable enterprise platforms to cope with ever changing environments.

Civil Government

Civil government officials face equally complex challenges. They must modernize, yet leverage and repurpose legacy data holdings and systems that were created for a different computing reality. As the workforce ages, replacing legacy experts is proving to be challenging. Losing crucial knowledge is a real risk. We build systems that capture context and digital tradecraft as structured knowledge. This knowledge can then be exploited to reduce human workload. We also help users expose information buried deep in databases, making it usable via smart assistants.

Image Matters’ enterprise architectures lay the groundwork for modernization.

A customer-first approach that yields an elevated level of insight

Our customers face difficult information processing challenges. They are charged with solving complex and evolving problems in a world where people expect instantaneous answers, and human resources are limited. They are consumed by a sea of purpose-built systems, hidden data, non-interoperable technologies, and ambiguous data meaning, provenance, and quality.

Image Matters develops approaches and technologies to meet these challenges head-on. We produce enterprise solutions that help our customers manage complexity and change. We are pioneering in the third generation of artificial intelligence, Semantic-AI, providing machine-generated answers through synergistic workflows. Our approach enables customers to access and leverage their knowledge, experience, and methods, as machine-encoded digital tradecraft. This lifts a significant part of the burden of data processing and problem-solving from their shoulders.

Image Matters has deep roots in geospatial and temporal data and systems, social media analytics, complex enterprises, and the semantic encoding of institutional knowledge. We have worked closely with standards development organizations throughout our corporate history, developing relevant IT standards that create a common framework that allows us to assist customers in integrating and advancing their technology. This experience and insight give us a strong foundation for providing game-changing solutions to our customers.

Solving the right problem

"It’s not always about showing people a map that they must then interpret and interact with. That is certainly a human-intensive process. Optimally, it is about answering in situ user questions with actionable information. This is where Semantic-AI is needed.”
Kurt Buehler
Managing Partner

Image Matters delivers creative solutions that address these challenges

Robust Semantics

We provide tools that manage resources with explicit semantics (e.g., ontology, taxonomy) and resources that lack explicit semantics (e.g., schemas and informal vocabularies) so they can operate together in a coherent linked data environment.

Ensuring model integrity

Human-Machine Synergy

We deliver assistive computing, which can apply digital tradecraft to information to address the labor-intensive, but largely mundane tasks of data preparation, linking of observations, initial source provenance gathering, and analytic bookkeeping. This technique frees users to focus on actual analytical matters, where Semantic-AI can guide them to transparent answers.

Assisting users

Tracking Provenance

We build solutions that are inherently transparent to allow users to see where information originated, maintain that provenance throughout processing, understand its reliability, measure its integrity, and trace its processing throughout an analytic workflow.

Addressing bias and uncertainty

Excellence. Quality. Robustness. Timeliness.

Image Matters’ customer-first approach focuses on delivering timely products and services with excellence, high quality, and robustness. With our proven aptitude for “outside the box” problem-solving, we deliver exceptional results early and often.