Innovative approach to support the Department of Defense

Leesburg, Virginia, July 2017

The Department of Defense (DOD) recently awarded Image Matters LLC a contract to investigate alternative technologies and recommend a feasible solution for an innovative repository containing three-dimension (3D) Computer-aided Design (CAD), Business Information Model (BIM), and Geospatial Information System (GIS) data from diverse data sources and used to visualize areas of interest. Results of this work will be directly applicable to planning, rehearsal, and execution operations by DOD battlefield personnel, civilian first responders, and physical security personnel who protect the public and property.

Image Matters LLC was selected for its proposed innovative approach to the technical challenges and its innovative approach to conduct the investigation. The DOD desires to apply these innovative technologies to a wide range of capabilities that will establish a standard for modeling the earth.

“This award continues our work in producing innovative solutions for managing, accessing and exploiting complex enterprise data,” said Harry Niedzwiadek, CEO of Image Matters LLC. “Our efforts to cope with large, heterogeneous data ecosystems began with National Geospatial Intelligence Agency’s $1M Innovations in Geospatial Intelligence Award (2005), through which we developed machine-assisted and autonomous approaches to what former Director James Clapper referred to as the ‘volume, velocity, variety and veracity (4V) problem’. This current project builds upon that legacy and sharpens our innovation lens on several key impediments to data handling and management issues that plague DOD. This work also complements our efforts to design next generation data models, tools and services for other large multi- enterprise data management systems for the DOD, like Spatial Data Standard for facilities, infrastructure, and environment (SDSFIE), and Department of Interior’s National Geospatial Platform (”

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