System Engineering and Development

Not just fast delivery, but innovative and rigorous, too!

Image Matters’ lean system engineering and development processes and tools provide innovative solutions that enhance productivity and performance, and deliver concrete operational capabilities early and often. We specialize in agile processes that slice across the full system life cycle, delivering incrementally towards well-architected solutions. We also specialize in techniques for injecting innovation and technical excellence and rigor into our engineering, development and test cycles. Our processes assure openness, interoperability, adaptability, durability, security, maintainability and scalability in our architectures and solutions. We fine tune and temper our designs and plans to minimize risk exposure and reduce costs across system life cycles.

Featured Projects: Image Matters and US Department of Defense build context-sensitive situation awareness services for Warfighters, and more...


Image Matters supports DoD customers in their mission to improve geospatial data, services and solutions.

  • Enabling Next Generation Mobile Services. Image Matters develops key standards and mobile prototypes for warfighters operating in disconnected, intermittent, and limited (DIL) environments. This includes the lead engineering role in developing the foundational GeoPackage specification for geospatial applications like network analysis, line-of-sight analysis, situation awareness, context sensitive alerts and warnings, and sensor placement.
  • Engineering, Developing, Testing and Delivering Web-based Imagery Dissemination Systems. Image Matters delivered an operational cloud-based SaaS/PaaS platform offering managed services to provide DoD clients with global access to secure, timely and accurate multi-source imagery products, which seamlessly integrated into existing environments, including in-theatre operations.
  • Supporting the Army Geospatial Enterprise Architecture and Common Operating Environment (COE). Image Matters developed the architecture and roadmap for achieving a more capable Army Geospatial Enterprise (AGE). We are also supporting the development of the geospatial component of Army’s COE, enabling secure and interoperable applications to be rapidly developed and executed across all Army Computing Environments.

Context Sensitive Alerts

  • Employing World-Leading Sensor Web Architecture. Image Matters supported OGC in the lead engineering role to develop international standards involving sensor-based web services and associated sensor and observation data models for net-centric sensor system integration. This included supporting “plug-and-play” mobile sensor intelligence interoperability for the Empire Challenge program.
  • Providing Expertise in Geospatial Standards and Testing. Image Matters led the development of new standards for GeoPackage and Common Overlay. We also implemented an Abstract Test Suite (ATS) for the OGC Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) standard, and an Executable Test Suite (EST) based on ATS for the OGC Conformance and Interoperability Test and Evaluation (CITE) program. Image Matters created the Army Geospatial Enterprise Architecture (AGEA) Standards Profile, including the DoDAF Technical Views for the AGEA.
  • Leading Data Modeling Efforts. Image Matters led data modeling efforts in the re-engineering of the Spatial Data Standard for Facilities, Infrastructure and Environment (SDSFIE).  Image Matters spearheads modeling and tool development efforts for the SDSFIE standard, a single DoD spatial standard that supports common implementation and maximizes interoperability for Installation, Environment, and Civil Works missions.

A disciplined people – process – tools approach that optimizes value delivery

Image Matters provides a unique combination of specialized solutions development and systems engineering expertise, processes and tools. Our team has a proven aptitude for “outside the box” problem-solving, and delivering results quickly and often…especially when innovative approaches are required to overcome complex challenges. Image Matters has a track-record of providing cutting-edge, high-performance SaaS/PaaS solutions, employing our lean AgileEE™ methods across system development lifecycles.

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