FactWeave® uniquely addresses the Big Data challenge by introducing an intelligent “knowledge layer” that dramatically increases the level of automation and enhances analyst productivity.


What is FactWeave?

FactWeave ushers in the next generation of structured analysis for Object-Based Production.

  • Build and exploit shared knowledge about any entities of interest via knowledge notes (kNotes)
  • Efficiently triage multi-source big data through intelligent filtering, fusion, and reasoning services (SmartLens®)
  • Perform geo-social analytics on-demand for any social media and human geography
  • Perform structured analysis using knowledge-assisted tools such as analysis of competing hypotheses and customizable analytic models
  • Communicate curated knowledge via kNarratives and knowledge workspaces that provide instant traceability of facts, hypotheses, evidence, judgments, and conclusions back to the source and method
  • Leverage a Knowledge-as-a-Service platform that operates in the Cloud, accessible from a web browser

A plethora of innovations

FactWeave incorporates innovations in: data-to-knowledge integration and triage; knowledge encoding, disambiguation, and management; customizable analytic models that enable intelligent filtering, fusion, analytics and reasoning; and knowledge visualization, collaboration, publishing and enrichment.


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