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Image Matters is helping the IC achieve a new level of interoperability and collaborative analytics

Leveraging our strengths in geospatial-temporal, sensors, imagery, semantics, analytics, and Cloud platform technologies, Image Matters is pioneering critical advances in next generation intelligence solutions. Our main focus is to produce structured analytics that reduce the cognitive load on analysts, as well as interoperable software-as-a-service (SaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions for a wide range of intelligence problems. Our mastery of the underlying service platform technology allows us to more efficiently and effectively address some of our country’s key challenges with distributed heterogeneous data and systems. Our proven AgileEE processes and tools allow us to accelerate R&D through a complex web of changing priorities and technologies.

Ushering in the next generation of structured analytics

In 2004, Image Matters embarked on a collaborative, multi-phase research initiative to build our country’s next generation analytics solution. Our key aim through this R&D was to assist analysts through their difficult tasks of dealing with vast volumes of distributed heterogeneous data, disjointed systems, and a complex, growing array of intelligence problems and questions. This led to our current flagship product for analysts, FactWeave®. FactWeave provides a powerful set of structured analytics tools and services for performing Object-Based Production (OBP) and Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) analysis. Analysts can harvest intelligence facts from numerous sources, including open sources, perform a wide range of fusion and analysis tasks, collaborate with other analysts, and produce structured output using several unique structured analytic tools.

Accelerating migration of the intelligence enterprise to the Cloud

Image Matters is well known for its expertise in service-oriented architectures. Image Matters principals contributed many notable achievements to this cause, including: the first operational geospatial services solution, co-founder of OGC (who are responsible for international specifications for geospatial, temporal, sensor, and mobile services), first geospatial SaaS/PaaS platform, first comprehensive service-based Geospatial Enterprise Architecture, and current lead technical support contractor for the National Geospatial Platform. This extensive, relevant expertise and experience positions Image Matters to accelerate the development and deployment of SaaS/PaaS-based data integration, visualization, modeling, analytics, collaboration, and reporting capabilities for the IC.

Leading by example through innovation and award-winning R&D

Image Matters principals have a proven track-record of building innovative products and solutions for the IC. The core technical concepts underlying our current set solutions for the IC have evolved over the last eleven years from several pioneering R&D efforts with NGA, other U.S. IC organizations, DARPA, U.S. Air Force, and others, as well as substantial internal R&D efforts. From the onset, our unified R&D goal has been to cross the divide from current human-intensive “data-centric analytics”, which place far too much of the workload on the analyst, to more automated “knowledge-centric analytics.” Image Matters has compiled an impressive array of innovations, including: rapid techniques for intelligence extraction from open sources, multi-modal analytics and reasoning services, knowledge-assisted analysis, data-to-knowledge integration, knowledge modeling for service solutions, advanced visualization, and structured analytics tools and services.

Achievements of note

  • Awarded NGA’s 2005 Innovations in Geospatial-Intelligence Award for our geospatial-semantic approach to intelligence information triage, visualization, and deep analysis (the last time this award was presented)
  • Won 2014-15 award for NGA’s Accelerating Map of the World, for advancing the role of service-based Linked Data approaches in Object-Based Production
  • Won 2012-13 DoD Rapid Innovation Fund award for Knowledge-Assisted Structured Analysis
  • Performed pioneering R&D in geospatial-social models, analytics and reasoning for DARPA (2008-12)
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