FactWeave Analytics


Image Matters is a company innovating knowledge-assisted structured analytics:

  • Focused on developing technologies that empower people to share geospatial information and knowledge
  • Solving intelligence and information problems with contextually relevant information and services
  • Simplifying people’s lives by moving cognitive burdens to machines
  • Cutting through the information fog to provide grounded common meaning to all parties
  • A proven history of serial innovation

FactWeave Wordflow

Our skills, tools and processes set the bar for industry best practices and excellence:

  • Knowledge-assisted structured analytics solutions for Object-Based Production
  • Geospatial solutions
  • Cloud-based SaaS/PaaS solutions
  • Data/knowledge modeling and tools
  • AgileEE™ provides superior agile systems engineering, continuous development/improvement, and sustainment processes and tools
  • Working to achieve interoperability and leverage latest standards and open source solutions

Image Matters designed FactWeave® to achieve the objective of taking a limited set of claims, statements, facts, and observations to form a coherent understanding of reality from available information. FactWeave takes the claims and observations and allows one or more analysts to organize them into logical structured knowledge, both in human and machine terms. Equally important, FactWeave is designed to allow the veracity of accumulated knowledge to be validated and documented with supporting evidence.


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